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Thursday, February 6, 2020

KCLPD Resolution Regarding Kent County Lodging Tax

Note: This resolution has been outpaced by events. The legislation in question has since been passed by both chambers of the General Assembly with overwhelming support and now awaits the governor's likely signature. Nevertheless, the >tax it reverses was passed by similar margins and this resolution was intended largely as a statement of principle regarding the LP's opposition to increased taxes in general, and tax revenues being diverted to private organizations in particular. The risk of the tax itself returning and of other taxes being levied on a similar model remains.

Passed by the Kent County LPD on 20 January 2020.

WHEREAS, taxation is money or other resources taken from a population without their explicit and ongoing consent,

WHEREAS, a lodging tax levied at the county level, where it is already levied at the state level, and potentially at the municipal level as well, layers non-consensual costs on customers of an industry that in a small state like Delaware is particularly sensitive to price signals,

WHEREAS, SS2 for SB178 became law in July of last year with little consideration of the consequences for many groups including hotel owners and at-risk populations who utilize hotels and other covered accommodations as a last resort to avoid homelessness,

WHEREAS, that legislation was passed with only two dissenting votes from the entire General Assembly by members and sponsors of both parties,

WHEREAS, in the situations where taxation is necessary and appropriate, expenditure of the revenues should be the responsibility of the government levying those taxes with all of the accountability and safeguards in place for such expenditures,

WHEREAS, when tax revenues are diverted to private organizations, transparency, accountability, and other protections ensuring their efficient and lawful use are not available.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Kent County Libertarian Party of Delaware supports SB198 to undo SS2 for SB178.

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