Welcome to the Libertarian Party of Delaware home page, representing the Libertarian Party in Delaware.

Please follow the links to the right for additional information or scroll down for news and updates. If you want to get more involved, in particular please check out our onboarding page.

More Information

We are very active on social media. Please make sure you're following our Twitter and Facebook feeds for announcements, info, and content to share with your network. Also please join our Discord Server to begin connecting immediately with other local Libertarians. You can also find contact information for your local county affiliate officers and representatives on our Staff and Meetings page or get more information about your county affiliate on their respective web pages:

News & Updates


So you're interested in becoming more involved with the Libertarian Party of Delaware.  That's great!  We are a relatively small party so we're more than happy to meet new people and try to find ways they can benefit or contribute to our efforts to promote the Libertarian philosophy in Delaware.

We have not had a formal onboarding process for new volunteers, but we are in the process of developing one now.  There are several important steps you can take to get you started:

  • Follow our Facebook page
  • Follow our Twitter feed
  • Join our Facebook group
  • Join our Discord Server
  • Sign up for our various mailing lists
  • By far the most important item is to attend a meeting of your county affiliate.  Other members there will be able to help you with any of the other steps you are having trouble with and you'll be able to get started right away learning more about the party and how you can help.  Your county affiliate will also have their own onboarding procedures.
Welcome, and thank you for your support.