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News & Updates

Update on LPD Contact with LP Presidential Candidates.

Hi everyone! LPD Secretary Dayl Thomas here. Below is an update of who we have reached out to, heard from or not, and what they have sent or promised to send. More updates to follow, so stay tuned!

  • Max Abramson - Received links to YouTube channel.
  • Sorinne Ardeleanu - Awaiting video.
  • Ken Armstrong - Awaiting video.
  • Dan Behrman - Awaiting a video, swag, and "other cool stuff".
  • Lincoln Chafee - Awaiting video. Teleconference with candidates.
  • Brian Ellison - Awaiting video.
  • Jedi Hill - Video, photo, and bio; Zoom conference with delegates.
  • Jacob Hornberger - No response after first attempt. Reached out again via e-mail on 2/25/20.
  • Jo Jorgensen - No response after two attempts.
  • Adam Kokesh - Awaiting video.
  • John Monds - Awaiting confirmation of a personal appearance.
  • James Ogle - Reached out on 2/18/20. Still waiting for a response.
  • Sam Robb - Awaiting video. Bio and photo received.
  • Vermin Supreme - Awaiting video. Waiting for video.
  • Arvin Vohra - Video and swag, both of which have been received.
  • Mark Whitney - Video, possibly someone in person. Awaiting delivery/confirmation respectively.