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Friday, February 12, 2021

2021 School Board Elections

In addition to the State Board's efforts to encourage participation in non-partisan municipal elections, Libertarian Party members in Delaware should also strongly consider getting involved in their local School Boards.  The 2021 School Board elections occur on May 11th, and the filing deadline is March 5th at 4.30p.  More information is on the Commissioner of Elections website.

In addition to being officially non-partisan, School Board elections are typically low turnout and offer a unique opportunity to allow Libertarians to get in on the ground floor of electoral politics.  While there are relatively few opportunities for sweeping Libertarian changes given the constraints of State and Federal laws governing education, an elected position on a School Board can give an aspiring Libertarian politician the ability to solve problems by applying a Libertarian perspective on issues with a direct and immediate impact in our local communities, build name recognition and reputation, and learn some of the players in their local political ecosystem.

Detailed instructions for filing are also available on the Commissioner of Elections website.

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