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LPD Q1 February 2020 Meeting Minutes

 LPD Q1 February 2020 Meeting Minutes


Attendance: Sean Goward, Brad Thomas, Dayl Thomas, Bill Hinds (Nadine Frost's proxy), Will McVay, Jesse McVay, Vern Proctor (late)

Absent: Mary Pat, Nadine Frost, John Machurek, Jimmy Brittingham

  1. Meeting called to order at 17:00

    1. Will 1st, Bill 2nd to have a five minute recess. Sean ruled it moot when Vern showed up at 17:08.

  2. Will 1st, Vern 2nd to approve the meeting agenda. Passed 6-0-1.

  3. Will 1st, Bill 2nd to waive the reading of the minutes and pass the minutes. Passed 5-0-2.

  4. Treasurer’s Report: The LPD has $2381.10 in the bank and $2440.62 in PayPal, for a total of $4821.72. The LPD spent $100 in January to boost Facebook posts. See item number 8 below (SMM Committee Report) as it relates to the treasurer’s report.

  5. NCC Report: Bill gave report on Nadine's behalf.

    1. New NCCLP Articles of Association (AoA) passed and accepted.

    2. Lot's of people coming to meeting thanks to Nadine calling all registered Libertarians in NCC!

    3. 2nd Thursday Socials – Getting three to four people per meeting. Hope to boost those numbers

    4. Sunday Breakfast Mission (SBM) – A volunteer schedule is now set up for the entire year. We will volunteer on the fourth Saturday of every month, with even numbered months having us sort food and items in the morning and odd numbered months having us serve dinner in the evenings. NCCLP members (and any LPD members if they wish) are encouraged to attend.

    5. Looking at all races and trying to fill them.

  6. Kent Report:

    1. Meeting turn out still fairly flat.

    2. Passed a resolution supporting SB198. Hope was to get NCC and Sussex to also pass a resolution, but SB198 passed with flying colors before we could, which is good news.

      1. We may want to reword the resolution to reduce taxation in all three counties.

    3. Will circulating another two resolutions concerning ending “midnight madness” (late passage of laws on June 30th in Dover), HB135 and HB136.

      1. Bill suggested inviting the media (Specifically the State News and WDEL) to our convention to let them see what we are doing with HB135 and HB136.

  7. Sussex Report:

    1. Vern gave the report in Jimmy's absence.

    2. Attendance flat, about 6-8 folks per meeting.

    3. Bob Sigler wrote a resolution for the Sussex County Council to pass concerning making Sussex County a sanctuary county for guns. It was turned down. Discussion was had. It was agreed that the word “lawful” makes the resolution toothless. The resolution can be revised by the Sussex LP.

    4. At 19:00, Sussex LP Chair Jimmy Brittenham texted Sean with the following information:

      1. Seaford Grotto's Pizza booked for meetings for the next year.

      2. Highway clean-up to begin again in the spring.

  8. SMM Committee Report

    1. See item #4 above. Will boosted the LPD convention and other LPD items on Facebook. Things can now be boosted on Facebook through LPD State Page.

  9. Will 1st, Bill 2nd to approve all previously mentioned reports, line items 3 through 8. Passed 6-0-1

  10. Old Business

    1. Corrected the agenda on 8a. Changed “September” to “February”

    2. We need to have 712 registered Libertarian voters in Delaware to maintain ballot access. We have 1733 as of February 2020.

    3. Beer Settlement: Kent and Sussex county both have 3 new people each, so Sean will split the beer money between the two ($20 each).

    4. Data and Tech Committee

      1. Will gave a report:

        1. Will created a video on how to navigate the CRFS (campaign finance) and how to become a candidate.

        2. Will and Dayl to meet after this meeting to work on website and other LPD tech things.

        3. Discussed what to do with passwords and access if Will dies, goes rouge, etc.

    5. Municipal Elections: Discussed

    6. General Election Recruitment Status: Discussed. RD 15 unopposed, as are others. Find out which ones are unopposed.

    7. Outreach followup:

      1. Covered in county reports above. Still looking at getting reusable bags with our logos.

      2. Will praised NCC on their outreach, but suggested that they share what they are doing with Kent LP, Sussex LP, and LPD to get people and money to help.

      3. 5k Liberty Run and LPD BBQ discussed.

        1. Vern for Sussex, Nadine in NCC, and Will in Kent to look into the procedure of securing a state park for LPD BBQ. We need to start planning it now.

    8. Process and Procedure Guide Status

      1. Sean has gotten six templates from six different LP state chairs.

      2. We want to make it accessible on Google Drive and the Cloud. The ultimate intent is to help future officers know what their duties are. Sean will work with Will and Dayl to make those six templates available to the three LPs in each of the three counties.

        1. Will 1st, Dayl 2nd for a five minute recess. Passed 6-0-1 at 18:03.

        2. Resumed meeting at 18:10.

  11. New Business:

    1. LNC Report: Discussed. Sean handed out copies of their minutes.

    2. Ad Hoc Review

      1. Mid-Atlantic Debate

        1. Resolution passed on Oct. 11th, 2019 via Facebook Messenger 8-0-1-1 to co-host. That’s 8 “ayes”, zero “nays”, 1 abstention, and 1 absent.

        2. March 7th, 2020 at Renaissance Philadelphia Airport

        3. Tickets are $20/each

          1. There is a forum before hand that cost $10.

        4. More details forthcoming.

      2. Amicus inquiry – At Oliver Hall of the LNC for review

        1. Constitutionality of mandating that Delaware judges have an equal number from each of the two main parties.

          1. An independent sued over this and won.

          2. We need to act on February 20th, 2020

            1. If we decided to not act on it, we let it expire, but if we decide to act on it, we need to add on our own amicus inquiry or support an existing one.

            2. Vern shared his opinion as a retired lawyer. Discussion had.

        2. Will 1st, Dayl 2nd to have Sean send out the draft amicus briefs so far and have LPD state board vote on them via rank choice voting by February 15th or the LPD will use whatever is provided to us by Mr. Oliver Hall of the LNC. Passed 6-0-1.

        3. Once we sign off on this, we really want to send out a press release about it.

        4. Vern left at 18:39 EST.

      3. Will McVay party crashing

        1. Vote passed on 01/25/20 via Facebook Messenger and passed 8-1-0-1 to allow Will to switch parties as needed to help get a libertarian into office. Will shared his thinking on what he could do as far as running for office. It's a long term play.

    3. 2020 LPD Convention

      1. March 14th, 2020 at Kent County Theatre Guild

      2. Lunch/Social Hour

      3. Will 1st , Bill 2nd to reimburse up to $300 for LNC Secretary Caryn Ann Harlos' travel expenses at the discretion of the LPD Treasurer. These travel expenses specifically cannot include hookers and booze. Passed 5-0-1.

      4. PotUS/LNC Candidates

        1. Dayl and Sean contacted the following list:

          1. John Monds

          2. Dan Behrman

          3. 3. Arvin Vohra - Video and swag

          4. 4. Jedi Hill - Video, possible Zoom conference

          5. 5. Mark Whitney - Video, possibly someone in person

          6. 6. Max Abramson - Video

          7. 7. Sam Robb - Video

          8. 8. Sorinne Ardeleanu - Video

          9. 9. Vermin Supreme - Video

          10. 10. Adam Kokesh - Video

          11. 11. Ken Armstrong - Possible video

          12. 12. Jo Jorgensen - Reached out, waiting for a response.

          13. 13. Lincoln Chafee

        2. Dayl to contact John McAfee and those who haven't reply.

        3. The following list of people are running for LNC Chair

          1. Joe Bishop-Henchman of Washington, D.C.

          2. Mike Shipley of Arizona

          3. Josh Smith of California

        4. The following list of people are running for LNC Vice-Chair

          1. Richard Longstreth of Arizona

          2. Ken Moellman of Kentucky

        5. The following list of people are running for LNC Secretary

          1. Brian Ellison of Michigan

          2. Caryn Ann Harlos of Colorado

        6. The following list of people are running for LNC Treasurer

          1. Tim Hagan of Nevada

        7. The following list of people are running for LNC At-Large Rep

          1. Sam Goldstein of Indiana

          2. Paige Sexton of Tennessee

    4. National Convention – 2020 Delegation Chair guide

      1. LPD will hold a meeting with the delegations so that the delegates can choose a chair.

    5. Ed Zielinski membership discussion

      1. Ed was allowed back into membership of the NCCLP at their February 3rd. Discussion had on what to do with him at the state level. It was suggested that Ed is more than welcome to come to the 2020 convention, but have him wait another year until the 2021 convention to address his membership in the full state party. More discussion had. The LPD doesn't want it to be a convention item, but could wait until Q2 2020 to give him full LPD membership by a LPD board vote.

        1. Will 1st, Dayl 2nd that the LPD will extend an invitation to Mr. Ed Zielinski to the 2020 LPD Convention. Passed 6-0-0.

    6. Dan Beaver membership discussion

      1. Discussion had on how Dan Beaver is still conducting low level harassment against NCCLP and LPD members and what we should do to prevent him from causing anymore serious harm. More discussion had. It was suggested to wait and to look through the LPD AoA to see what options we have to deal with Dan Beaver so he is never a threat to the LPD, NCCLP, KCLP, and SCLP again. Dayl made a motion to table this until the LPD Q2 2020 meeting. Died for a lack of a second. Discussion continued.

        1. Will 1st, Bill 2nd to take another 5 minute recess. Passed 6-0-0. Recess taken at 20:06 EST. Recess ended at 20:14 EST.

    7. Next Meeting: April 26th at 17:00 or the alternate date of May 3rd at 17:00.

    8. Will 1st, Jesse 2nd to commend Bill Hinds on his excellent proxying skills. Will 1st, Jesse 2nd to amend the motion on the floor to change “excellent” to “exceptional”. Passed 5-0-1. Will called for a roll call. Jesse said it was dilatory. Sean ruled that it was dilatory. LPD Vice Chair Brad Thomas held the vote to sustain the ruling of LPD Chair Sean Goward. Failed 1-0-4. Brad gave ruling back to Sean. The amendment to change “excellent” to “exceptional” passed. The main motion vote was held. Passed 5-0-1. Will called for a roll call vote. Sean ruled that it was not dilatory. LPD Chair Sean Goward voted “yes”, Kent County (KCLP) Rep to the LPD Jesse McVay voted “yes”, Kent County Chair and KCLP Rep to the LPD Will McVay voted “yes”, NCC Vice Chair and Proxy Bill Hinds voted “abstained”, LPD Vice Chair Brad Thomas voted “yes”, and LPD Secretary Dayl Thomas voted “yes”. Main motion passed 5-0-1.

  12. Adjournment: Bill 1st, Dayl 2nd to adjourn. Passed 6-0-0. Meeting adjourned at 20:31 EST.