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The 2021 LPD Annual State Convention Agenda

Below you will find the agenda for this year's convention. This will also be posted on the LPD Facebook page and in the LPD Discord server (state-board room).

*NOTE: Updated on 06/02/21 to add "Reading and Approval of the Minutes from the Previous LPD Annual State Convention" to the agenda.

Libertarian Party of Delaware State Convention 2021


-          Call to Order

-          Introduction of Officers and Distinguished Guests

o   Officers:

§  State Chair, Mr. Brad Thomas

§  Vice Chair, Mr. Bill Hinds

§  Secretary, Mr. Dayl Thomas

§  Treasurer, Mrs. Mary Pat McVay

§  New Castle County Chair, Ms. Nadine Frost

§  Kent County Chair, Mr. Will McVay

§  Sussex County Chair, Mr. James Brittingham

o   Distinguished Guests

§  LP 2020 VP Candidate, Mr. Jeremy “Spike” Cohen

§  Mrs. Tasha Cohen

§  LNC Region 5 Rep., Mrs. Susan Hogarth

§  Parliamentarian and Former LP North Carolina Chair, Mrs. Barbara Howe

§  Former Executive Director of the LP, Mr. Daniel Fishman

§  Chair of the LA County LP, Ms. Angela McArdle

§  Bethel Town Council, Mr. Vern Proctor

§  Delaware Cannabis Advocacy Network, Mr. Adam Windett

-          Credentials Committee Report

-          Approval of Agenda

-      Reading and Approval of the Minutes from the Previous LPD Annual State Convention

-          Treasurer’s Report

-          2020 Year in Review

-          Keynote: LP 2020 VP Candidate, Mr. Jeremy “Spike” Cohen

-          Recess

-          Legislation Work

-          Award Presentation

o   Wm. Morris Award

-          Nominate Candidates for Office

-          State Board Election

-          Recess into County Affiliates for Elections

-          Call to Order

-          Invited Speakers

o   Vern Proctor, Bethel Town Councilman

o   Adam Windett, DCAN

o   Dan Fishman, People for Liberty (former LP Executive Director)

o   Angela McArdle, LP Mises Caucus’ 2022 LNC Chair Candidate

o   Joe Bishop-Henchman, LNC Chair

o   Susan Hogarth, LNC Region 5 Rep.

-          LPD AoA Amendments

-          Motion to Adjourn