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News & Updates

2022 LPD Convention

Following a motion of the LPD State Board, the 2022 Convention has been scheduled for March 12th, 2022 at the Kent County Theater Guild.  We will begin at noon with a complementary lunch, donations are requested. We have invited an exciting lineup of guest speakers to present on local and national topics of interest to Delaware Libertarians whose presentations will begin at 1p. Our convention will call to order at 4p for party business including statewide candidate nominations and the selection of delegates for the 2022 LP Convention in Sparks, Nevada in May.  The Facebook event can be found here.

Guest Speakers:

Chase Oliver, LPGA US Senate Candidate (1:00 - 1:10)
Tony D’Orazio, Candidate for LNC Chair (1:15 - 1:25)
Steve Scheetz, Former LPPA Chair (1:30 - 1:40)
Kevin Gaughan, Former LPPA Executive Director, LDF Chair (1:45 - 1:55)
Vern Proctor, Town Councilperson, Bethel, DE (2:00 - 2:15)
Heather Pope, Compassion and Choices Organizer (2:20 - 2:35)
Rachel Gregorie, WFP Legislative Director (2:40 - 2:55)
Mitch Denham, President of Delaware Gun Rights (3:00 - 3:15)
Adam Windett, Director of DCAN (3:20 - 3:35)
Will McVay, LPD State Chair (3:40 - 3:50)

Proposed Agenda:

Lunch - 12:00p
Speakers - 1:00p
Call to Order - 4:00p
Credentialing - 4:00p
Agenda - 4:10p
Minutes - 4:15p
Nominations - 4:20p
Delegates - 4:40p
Adjourn - 5:00p