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We are very active on social media. Please make sure you're following our Twitter and Facebook feeds for announcements, info, and content to share with your network. Also please join our Discord Server to begin connecting immediately with other local Libertarians. You can also find contact information for your local county affiliate officers and representatives on our Staff and Meetings page or get more information about your county affiliate on their respective web pages:

News & Updates

Discord and Email

The LPD is going through some changes.  We've had an influx of new members with some great ideas and lots of enthusiasm.  Two of those ideas are to create a Discord server to conduct the majority of state party business, both for the purposes of convenience and transparency, and to mimic the LNC's policy of conducting votes on a public email group, also for transparency but this practice will also help our hard working Secretary, Mr. Dayl Thomas, to keep track of votes without needing to count them up across a scattered chat thread.  While both of these changes will require amendments to the AoA to make them permanent, mandatory practices, the State Chair, Sean Goward, has ruled that for the time being, only votes and motions emailed to the public group will be considered valid, and State Board discussions will soon be migrating to Discord.

So please, join our Discord server and bookmark our Google email group to keep up with our activities.