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News & Updates

LPD Q2 April 2020 Meeting Minutes

2020 Q2 LPD State Board Minutes

- Meeting started at 17:00 EDT on April 26th, 2020

- Attendance: Sean, Brad, Dayl, Mary Pat, Will, Jesse, Jimmy, Vern, Wayne Norczyk (guest). Absent: Nadine, John

1.       Approval of agenda – Motion to approve agenda as amended by Mary Pat, 2nd by Will. Passed 7-0-0.

2.       Reading and approval of minutes from previous meeting

3.       Treasurer’s Report

a.       Paypal: $2643.32

b.       Bank:    $2245.74

c.       Total:    $4889.06

4.       NCC Report

5.       Kent Report

6.       Sussex Report

a.       SMM Committee Report

7.       Data and Tech Committee

- Lost Brad around 17:15

- Nadine joined at 17:29

-Will 1st, 2nd Mary Pat to accept the reports given. Passed 7-0-1.

8.       Old Business

a.       Voter Outreach: September 1737/1726 (-11)

                                                               i.      NCCo: 1041/1030 (-11)

                                                             ii.      KCCo: 324/330 (+6)

                                                           iii.      SusCo: 372/366 (-6)

b.       Beer Settlement

c.       Municipal Elections (31):

                                                               i.      Bowers

                                                             ii.      Bellefonte

                                                           iii.      Bethany Beach

                                                           iv.      Dagsboro

                                                             v.      Delmar

                                                           vi.      Dewey Beach

                                                          vii.      Fenwick Island

                                                        viii.      Henlopen Acres

                                                            ix.      Millsboro

                                                             x.      Rehoboth Beach

                                                            xi.      Slaughter Beach

- Brad joined again at 17:33

d.       2020 Convention

                                                               i.      14 March 2020, KC Theatre Guild

                                                             ii.      Candidates

1.       Still need videos uploaded

2.       Status on Zoom with candidates

                                                           iii.      Declared Delaware Candidates


1.       Nadine Frost

2.       Bill Hinds

3.       Bryan Rash

4.       David Rogers

5.       Dayl Thomas

6.       John Machurek

7.       Will McVay

                                                           iv.      Prospectives

1.       Scott Gesty

2.       Amy Merlino

- Lost Wayne at 17:43

e.       Candidate Guide Status – Resources including LPD App access need to be granted to candidates

9.       New Business:

a.       Ad Hoc Review:

                                                               i.      Motion to award Wm Morris Award to Nadine Frost: Passed 8-0-1-1 (Frost Abstain/Machurek Absent)

                                                             ii.      Motion to fund LPD App $300 for hosting and further development for legislative oversight.

1.       Motion passed 7-0-0-3 (J. McVay, Frost, Brittingham Absent)

2.       Money donated by S. Goward after 2/28 earmarked to fund project.

                                                           iii.      Motion to aid Delaware Against Excessive Quarantine in event FB shuts them down

1.       Motion passed 6-0-2-1 (Goward, Frost Abstain, Proctor Absent)

2.       Motion rendered moot

- Lost Nadine at 17:49.

- Nadine came about around 18:00

b.       National Convention

                                                               i.      Motion made by Will, 2nd by Vern, to pass a resolution asking for the LNC to have a meeting electronically. Discussion had.

                                                             ii.      After discussion, Will made an amendment to change the motion in 9.b.i above. Will 1st, Mary Pat 2nd to amend the motion in 9.b.i. Amendment passed 7-0-1.

- Lost Nadine at 18:08 and she came back 10 seconds later.

                                                           iii.      Amended motion Passed 7-1-0.


c.       Delaware Against Excessive Quarantine

- Vern and Nadine both left at 18:25

d.       Next Meeting: 

- Will made a motion to adjourn, but withdrew it to discuss when to have the next meeting.

10. Adjournment: 1st by Will, 2nd by Mary Pat. Passed 4-1-1. Adjourned at 18:37 EDT.