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LPD Monthly State Board Meeting Minutes - July 2021


LPD Monthly Meeting – July 2021 - Minutes


1)      Motion to meet

a)      Amy 1st, Dayl 2nd to get started.

2)      Roll call to determine quorum

a)      Bill - Present

b)      Amy - Present

c)       Dayl - Present

d)      Mary Pat - Present

e)      Dave - Present

f)        Dylan - Present

g)      Will - Present

h)      Brandi - Present

i)        Joe - Present

j)        Jimmy – Absent

i)        Joe sent him a text.

k)      Nine LPD members out of ten accounted for. We have quorum.

3)      Call to order

a)      Bill called the meeting to order at 19:03 EDT.

4)      Approval of the agenda

a)      Will brought up the agenda for all to view on Discord. It took some time. People had trouble viewing it. Dayl and Bill tried to share their screens, but people still couldn’t see it. We skipped trying to share it and Dayl read them at Bill’s asking. Dayl 1st, Amy 2nd to approve the agenda.

i)        Bill -aye

ii)      Amy – aye

iii)    Dayl – aye

iv)    Mary Pat – aye

v)      Dave – aye

vi)    Dylan – aye

vii)   Will – aye

viii)  Brandi -aye

ix)     Joe – aye

x)      Jimmy – absent (still working, will not be able to join us).

xi)     Passed 9-0-0-1

5)      Reading and approval of minutes 

a)      Mary Pat asked Dayl to update item 15.c. from “$827.94 in profits from the 2021 convention” to “$827.94 in the convention fund after paying off the 2021 convention”.

b)      Joe 1st, Amy 2nd to approve the minutes

i)        Bill – aye

ii)      Amy – aye

iii)    Dayl – aye

iv)    Mary Pat – aye

v)      Dave – aye

vi)    Dylan – aye

vii)   Will – aye

viii) Brandi – aye

ix)     Joe – aye

x)      Jimmy – absent.

xi)     Passed 9-0-0-1

6)      LPD Board Status

a)      Statewide membership status 

i)        Discussion had

ii)      LPD has 2162 registered voters as of Thursday, July 1st, 2021.

b)      Statewide fundraising

i)        We have about $100 in monthly income.

(1)   A donor had stopped their monthly donation, as it was up to about $150 a month previously

ii)      Bill 1st to have a meeting with the LPD executive board to go over who the LPD donors are and what their posture/donations is/are. Mary Pat mentioned that she already does this and sends each donor a thank you card or e-mail. Will suggested moving this discussion to Discord – state-board-private. Bill agreed and the motion died for lack of a second.

(1)   Discussion on whether to reveal donors or not briefly continued until Will called orders of the day.

iii)    Approve banking with Citizens Bank

(1)   Bill asked if we need to take a vote and Will pointed out that we don’t need to as it is in the purview of the LPD Treasurer. Mary Pat shared that once we started receiving fees at our last bank, she moved the LPD’s money to another bank (Dover Federal Credit Union), no one in the party questioned it. She will go and check out Citizens Bank if that is what the LPD would like her to do.

(2)    Bill stated that the problem of being charged fees by PayPal is being worked on and fixed by Mary Pat. Discussion had on what the board needs to and doesn’t need to approve concerning where to bank.

(3)   Joe asked through point of information if we can also do it through Venmo and Mary Pat said we could if someone could help her set it up.

(4)   ACTION ITEM #1: Mary Pat to seek out Joe if she is unable to set up the Venmo account herself.

c)       LP National activities

i)        This year is the 50th anniversary of the founding of the LP. National asked each state to send out a gift basket. Will asked Bill to firm up the details and that we discuss it on Discord.

ii)      ACTION ITEM #2:  Members to donate and Amy to secure items and mail them out to Colorado.

iii)    LPDelaware AT googlegroups DOT com is the LPD state board distribution list, which is also public and anyone can join. It tracks and sends out information on the ad hoc votes. Will to put this in the state-board discord chat.

iv)    Bill mentioned the LP Region 5 affiliate and campaign training taking place in Norfolk, VA from July 31st, 2021 to August 1st, 2021.

(1)   ACTION ITEM #3: Dayl to e-mail LP Region 8 affiliate and campaign training out TONIGHT!

d)      Other activities

i)        Approve fund for discord bot in the cloud

(1)   Bill asked if it has a cost and Will said that he needs to work on it, but most likely $40/month.

(a)    ACTION ITEM #4: Bill to add this to the agenda for next month (2021 Q3 Meeting on August 21st).

1.       It was discussed that $30 was set aside for web hosting.

2.       Mary Pat shared that the LPD had about $1400 in funds received from the 2021 LPD Convention (about $600 +) and Day of Liberty ($787).

a.        We’re also supposed to get more money from Pizzadili Winery, but Mary Pat is not sure where that money is coming from and Angela, the main lead at Pizzadili, has been very busy.

3.       Put on hold until next month.

7)      County updates

a)      KCLP

i)        Have had decent attendance at meetings since convention

ii)      Have passed some items that aligned with the resolution that Sussex passed regarding state bills.

iii)    Working on their own AoA and Bylaws

iv)    Moved to McGlynns in Dover

(1)   Worked well in June, hope to be able to stay there

v)      Started their own website as a subdomain of lpdelaware.org

(1)   Will put up a donation button.

(2)   News about this new website posted to Discord.

(a)    ACTION ITEM #5: Will link the KCLP website link and the NCCLP website link to the main LPD website.

b)      NCCLP

i)        Working on branding

(1)   Working with Chris Velrath on this.

ii)      Trying to have a big activity every month.

iii)    Reggaefest the end of this month and Weedstock next month.

(1)   Joe offered to help with Weedstock. Dave thanked him. Times discussed.

iv)    Making a Twitter and Instagram account.

v)      Mad over $300 at the NCCLP Summer BBQ on July 17th.

(1)   Will have an end of the summer BBQ on August 28th, with a beer license, so can make more money.

c)       SCLP

i)        Last meeting, election held for Vice-Chair and Wendy Jones was elected.

(1)   Also discussed the absence of a permeant treasurer (Will filling in)

ii)      Apple Scrapple prep going on. The event is going on in October 9th (same as Region 8 training).

iii)    Will have adopt-a-hwy clean up in August.

iv)    Have a couple of new members!

8)      AoA and Bylaws

a)      Review of proposed amendments

i)        Bill asked Dayl to take the lead on this, with Amy’s help.

ii)      We have a proposed Policy and Procedures Guide (PPG) to review

iii)    There was a motion previously made to amend Article 6 of the LPD AoA (see item 8.a.vi just below).

iv)    LPD Social Media & Messaging Policy

v)      Amy noted that there were a series of items on the AoA report.

(1)   Mary Pat asked if these were posted anywhere else besides the LPD Executive Board. Bill shared that the ones ready for primetime (30-day review time) have been posted on Facebook by Dayl. Dayl corrected this by saying they had been posted by Amy.

(a)    Amy asked that we only focus on the items where notification has been given. Bill did so.

(2)   Amy then gave an update on the proposed amendments to Article 6 of the LPD AoA.

vi)    Very long discussion had on how to word contracts (2 years only vs. ending contracts with each board; including kill switches to contracts and 30-day-notices to those performing duties, etc.)

(1)   ACTION ITEM #6: Amy, Will, and Dayl to work on wording of contracts amendment.

9)      Review specific officer roles and responsibilities

a)      Bill to share the wording for the following positions so that they can be reviewed and discussed at next month’s meeting:

i)        Webmaster

ii)      Treasurer

iii)    Secretary

10)  Social media policy framework discussion

a)      Update Facebook group moderators to current board

i)        Bill asked that we wait to this current meeting to do so and Will agree, discussing accountability (via administrator logs) and having more moderators available.

ii)      Will 1st, Dayl 2nd to update Facebook group moderators to current board.

(1)   Amy stated that they needed to go, but stayed to hear the discussion on the motion.

(2)   Will brought up the wording about a posting that was found to be vulgar and how Bill deleted said posting. Will stated that we need to follow the rules concerning deleting post but that the vulgar comment didn’t break the rules. It was agreed that we would discuss this further. Further discussion had.

(3)   Amy and Dylan left the meeting due to having to attend another meeting at 20:20 EDT. Quorum still retained with seven LPD members.

(4)   Brandi also had to leave and left at 20:22 EDT. Quorum still retained with six LPD members.

(5)   Discussion had on SMM rules set a few years ago. Joe read the four rules. They are as follows

(a)    Rule #1: No Promotions or Spam

(i)     Give more than you take to this group. Self-promotion, spam and irrelevant links aren't allowed. Candidate posts are exempted from the "self-promotion" restriction.

(b)    Rule #2: Honesty

(i)     Posts that are demonstrably false and misrepresent readily known facts, particularly those with the intention or effect of appropriating the Libertarian Party brand, will be subject to removal.

(c)    Rule #3: Read the Room

(i)     We try to maintain an open forum and not to limit posts, but please read the room. If you are blowing up group notifications with posts that do not generate responses, check yourself.

(d)   Rule #4: Personal Attacks:

(i)     Generally speaking we should be attacking the argument not the person, but this will especially be enforced for attacks against individuals who are not public figures or group members.

(e)    Rule 3 was Bill’s justification for removing the comment to the vulgar post. Will made the counterpoint that “not reading the room” as found in Rule 3 was what James Ogle violated when he kept posting items about something he cared deeply about but that no one else on the group did and repeatedly said so to James Ogle.

(f)     Dave shared that he liked Rule 3, but that it was very vague.

(g)    Bill suggested adding an amendment that covers vulgarity and profanity

(h)    Dave and Will had a good discussion on free speech, supporting free speech, and how to decide to set up a rule to remove something bad that doesn’t create a loop of posting and removing.

(i)     Bill read a rule from Delaware Politics about graphic violence as guidance for a new rule. Discussion had.

(j)     A new rule, Rule #5: Catch All, will be added.

(6)   Getting back to the motion made in item in 10.a.ii, here are the vote results:

(a)    Bill – aye

(b)    Amy - absent

(c)    Dayl -aye

(d)   Mary Pat – aye

(e)    Dave – aye

(f)     Dylan - absent

(g)    Will – aye

(h)    Brandi – absent

(i)     Jimmy – absent

(j)     Joe – aye

(k)    Passed 6-0-0-4.

11)  Announcements & upcoming events

a)      Dayl brought up the need to write apology cards for our speakers that didn’t get to speak at the 2021 LPD Convention due to us running overtime.

i)        Will shared that he reached out to everyone an apologized. Dayl then asked if we as a board should do something official. Mary Pat shared that what Will has done is enough, being a member of the board. Dayl thanked Will publicly for the notes he had written, but continued to ask if we would still like to do anything as a whole board. Discussion had. Bill suggested doing thank you cards instead of apology cards. Mary Pat shared that we could still write something along the lines of the following: we apologize that you didn’t get to speak because we ran out of time.

(1)   ACTION ITEM #7: Dayl to get thank you cards and addresses. Mary Pat has plenty of stamps. Everyone to sign them at the various state and county meetings.

b)      Will updated the Facebook moderators to all 10 board members and put in wording for the new Rule 5: Catch All. The wording is as follows:

i)        The Moderation Team reserves the right to remove any content not conducive to the mission of the LPD. The full Moderation Team will review any such removals and content can be restored if necessary.

c)       Bill asked that we hide unwanted comments instead of deleting them. Discussion had. It was pointed out that we want to hide comments, as we can’t hide posts.

i)        It was discovered that only administrators can undelete posts.

ii)      Joe brought up that he couldn’t find the hide button, even after clicking on specific posts. Will pointed out that only comments can be hidden, not posts.

iii)    Bill brought up an idea about the catch all, but he cut out of the feed, as did everyone else except for Will. Orders of the day were called by Bill once everyone was able to hear everyone else speak. Bill asked that we add something to the new Rule #5 to the effect that “repeat offenders must have their posts approved by moderators”. Dave felt that this was showing our hand too much. He suggested instead that we add something to the effect that “we reserve the right to boot anyone from our group”, in the spirit of property rights. Will explained that we have done this sort of thing already, we just haven’t sorted out the penalties. Will then gave examples again, including James Ogle. He turned on post approval for such posters for 30 days, which can be repeated as long as necessary or desired. Dave felt that Will made the right move regarding posts from James Ogles and others that did not read the room and/or were incessant with their inappropriate posts.

iv)    Dayl made a point of personal privilege concerning not being able to hear the audio. Will shared that the recording of the meeting will be up on YouTube.

12)  Adjournment.

a)      Bill 1st, Dayl 2nd to adjourn.

(1)   Bill – aye

(2)   Amy - absent

(3)   Dayl -aye

(4)   Mary Pat – aye

(5)   Dave – aye

(6)   Dylan - absent

(7)   Will – aye

(8)   Brandi – absent

(9)   Jimmy – absent

(10)                        Joe – aye

(11)                        Passed 6-0-0-5

b)      We adjourned at 20:49 EDT.