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News & Updates

2021 LPD Convention Minutes

2021 LPD Convention Minutes

  • Convened on June 5, 2021
  • Credentialed Attendees from Initial Credentials Report:
  1. Brad Thomas,                State Chair, New Castle County;
  2. Bill Hinds,                Vice Chair, New Castle County;
  3. Mary Pat McVay,        Treasurer, Kent County;
  4. Dayl Thomas,                Secretary, New Castle County;
  5. Nadine Frost,                New Castle Chair/State Board Rep;
  6. Will McVay,                Kent Chair/State Board Rep;
  7. Jimmy Brittingham,        Sussex Chair/State Board Rep;
  8. John Machurek,                New Castle State Board Rep;
  9. Vern Proctor,                Sussex State Board Rep;
  10. Joseph DiPasquale,        Sussex County;
  11. Chris Cimo,                Sussex County;
  12. Robert Sigler,                Sussex County;
  13. Wendy Jones,                Sussex County;
  14. Irene Mavrakakis,        Kent County;
  15. Justin Brant,                Kent County;
  16. Benjamin Garrett,        Kent County;
  17. Brandi Kerchevall,        Kent County;
  18. Tim Spong,                Kent County;
  19. Aarika Nelson,                Kent County;
  20. Wayne Norczyk,        New Castle County;
  21. Carol Moore,                New Castle County;
  22. Dylan Griffith,                New Castle County;
  23. Regan Temple,                New Castle County;
  24. Amy LePore,                New Castle County;
  25. Keith Debarbaris,        New Castle County;
  26. Francis Stephey,        New Castle County;
  27. Kathleen Debarbaris,        New Castle County;
  28. Ashton Hill,                New Castle County;
  29. Carter Hill,                New Castle County;
  30. Prakash Sheshadri,        New Castle County;
  31. Mark Parks,                New Castle County;
  32. Scott Gesty,                New Castle County;
  33. Chris Vellrath,                New Castle County;
  • Other Guests: Spike Cohen, Tasha Cohen, Susan Hogarth, Barbara Howe, Dan Fishman, Angela McArdle, Adam Windett
  • Call to Order at ~1.00p
  • Introduction of LPD Officers and Guests
  • Adoption of Credentials Report
  • Point of Order that Delegates should vote on Credentials
  • Not Well Taken: LPD AoA overrule RONR
  • Moved and seconded, approved
  • Motion to Adopt Agenda
  • Moved and seconded
  • Motion to Amend to Move the AoA Amendment regarding membership to the front
  • Moved and seconded
  • Amendment carries
  • Amended agenda adopted
  • Amending Credentials Report
  1. Krista Graham,                New Castle County;
  2. Ryan Bunting,                New Castle County;
  3. Trisha Gadola,                New Castle County;
  4. Ian Gronau,                Kent County;
  • Motion and Second to Approve Credentials Amendment
  • Amendment carries
  • Spike and Tasha Cohen, as well as Yuko and Kisuki Thomas arrived
  • Introduce AoA Amendment to allow National LP Membership to qualify for LPD Membership
  • Motion and Second to adopt AoA Amendment
  • Motion and Second to amend to limit National LP Members to Delaware residents
  • Motion carries
  • Amended motion Carries
  • Amending Credentials Report
  1. Dave Casey,                New Castle County;
  2. Julia McVay,                Kent County;
  • Motion and Second to Approve Credentials Amendment
  • Motion to Amend Amendment to Remove Julia McVay
  • Point of Order that Motions to Invalidate Membership Rights aren’t in Order
  • Well Taken, Amendment Withdrawn
  • Amendment carries
  • Motion to add member failing to meet requisite seasoning requirement
  • Withdrawn
  • Motion and Second to Waive the Reading of 2020 LPD Convention Minutes
  • Motion carries
  • Motion and Second to Approve 2020 LPD Convention Minutes
  • Motion carries
  • Treasurer Report:
  • PO Box: $120
  • Domain $12
  • App: $360
  • Bill Morris Award: $20
  • SMM: $120
  • Donations: $150/month
  • Convention: $3155.76
  • Candidate Support: $493
  • PayPal: $333.28
  • DFCU-Convention: $260.78
  • DFCU-General: $3209.62
  • 2020 Year in Review
  • Recess to Spike Cohen
  • Recess
  • Return to Order
  • Legislative Updates
  • Bill Morris Award: Dayl Thomas
  • Nominate Mark Parks for SD8
  • Motion carries
  • Amending Credentials Report
  1. Brian Clements,                Kent County;
  2. Reese Smith                New Castle County;
  • Motion and Second to Approve Credentials Amendment
  • Motion and second to close credentialing
  • Nominate Nadine Frost for US Senate
  • Nomination of Reece “Leo” Smith
  • Motion fails
  • Nomination and Second of Bill Hinds for State Chair
  • Motion and Second to Close State Chair nominations
  • Motion carries
  • 38 votes received:
  • Bill Hinds: 34 - Winner
  • NOTA: 1
  • Reece Smith: 1
  • Grogu: 1
  • Will McVay: 1
  • Nomination and Second of Nadine Frost for Vice Chair
  • Nomination and Second of Amy LePore for Vice Chair
  • Motion and Second to Close Vice Chair nominations
  • Motion carries
  • 38 votes received:
  • Nadine Frost: 14
  • Amy LePore: 24 - Winner
  • Nomination and Second of Dayl Thomas for Secretary
  • Motion and Second to Close Secretary nominations
  • 38 votes received:
  • Dayl Thomas: 37
  • Dave Casey: 1
  • Nomination and Second of Mary Pat McVay for Treasurer
  • Nomination and Second of Carter Hill for Treasurer
  • Motion and Second to Close Treasurer nominations
  • 39 vote received:
  • Mary Pat McVay: 22 - Winner
  • Carter Hill: 17
  • Recess for County Conventions
  • Return to Order
  • Motion and Second to Contest the Kent County Elections because an individual outside of the county was not allowed to vote in those elections, and two absent members were not allowed to vote.
  • Point of Order that the motion is dilatory and out of order and isn’t a thing
  • Well taken
  • Motion and Second to appeal the ruling of the Chair
  • Venue announced dinner is getting cold
  • Recessed to Dinner
  • Motion and Second to Adjourn
  • Motion carries