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Bylaws Notification


An amendment notification was approved by the State Board on June 19th to replace the entirety of the bylaws as they exist now with the following:

  1. The Libertarian Party of Delaware organized under these bylaws shall be governed by its State Board, consisting of:
  1. William McVay
  2. James Brittingham
  3. David Rogers
  4. Mary Pat Dittmeyer
  5. John Machurek
  6. Nicole Shaw
  7. Aarika Nelson
  8. Brandywine Kerchevall
  9. Gwendolyn Jones
  10. Joseph DiPasquale
  11. Nadine Frost
  12. Mark Parks
  13. Steve Newton
  14. Carol Moore
  15. Roger Stemler
  16. Vernon Proctor
  17. Robert Sigler
  18. Hunter Hastings
  1. Decisions shall be made by a majority vote of a quorum consisting of the lesser of six or a majority of members.  Votes shall be conducted electronically with electronic votes remaining open for 48 hours.  Failure to respond to four consecutive votes shall be construed as a resignation and removal from the above listed Board.  Vote results shall be kept private to the extent permitted by law.  These Bylaws may be further amended by a majority vote of all Board members or upon resignation of a Board member to reflect the Board’s new composition.
  2. Upon the resignation of the last remaining Board member, the Libertarian Party of Delaware is dissolved and any remaining assets shall be transferred to the designated successor organization.