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LP Delaware Convention

The Libertarian Party of Delaware holds a statewide convention every year. Recent conventions have been hosted at the Kent County Theater Guild's Patchwork Playhouse in Dover. Conventions held in even years nominate our candidates for the upcoming General Elections. Conventions held in odd years elect our statewide and county affiliate leadership. Any other convention business can be placed on the agenda or brought before the body prior to adjournment or recess.

2020 LPD State Convention

The 2020 LPD State Convention will be held on Saturday, March 14th at the Kent County Theater Guild's Patchwork Playhouse. We will arrive at 11am to begin set up, lunch will be served at noon, and the convention will be called to order at 1pm.

The address for the convention is:

140 E Roosevelt Ave.
Dover, DE 19901


A more complete proposed agenda will be posted here soon. This agenda is only a draft until it is adopted by the convention body at the start of the proceedings.

Videos and presentations from the various candidates seeking the LP's presidential nomination will be featured during the breaks. Nominations for local and statewide candidates will be considered. A resolution regarding proposed amendments to the Delaware Constitution regarding the General Assembly's Midnight Madness will be presented.

2019 Minutes

The 2019 Convention was recorded for the purpose of creating minutes, but this recording has not been transcribed. The recording has been made available on YouTube on the LPD channel.

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