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Thursday, April 1, 2021

School Board Elections

Former LPD State Chair Scott Gesty has filed for the Brandywine School District race.  He has been endorsed unanimously by the LPD State Board.  The election is being held on May 11th, and he is looking for volunteers to assist with lit drops and working the polls on the 11th.  Please reach out to him if you are interested in helping out.  There is also a channel set aside on the LPD Discord Server to coordinate volunteer efforts to assist his campaign.

School Board elections take place across the state on May 11th, and are typically very low turnout races where a surge of Libertarians could make a huge difference.  Many of the decisions regarding remote vs in-person learning have been deferred by the Governor to local school boards, so these elections could have important consequences for those eager to see a return to normalcy after the Governor's prolonged unilateral declarations of a "State of Emergency".  Make sure you are informed about the candidates running in your local district and turnout to vote on May 11th!

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