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LPD Q3 August 2020 Meeting Minutes

LPD 2020 Q3 Meeting Minutes

August 30th, 2020

Dover, DE

- Attendance: Sean, Brad, Dayl, Mary Pat, Nadine, John (via Zoom), Will, Aaron Mobley (new Kent County Rep.), Jimmy, Vern (via Zoom), Amy LePore (guest), Bill Hinds (guest), Joe Bishop-Henchmen (guest, LNC Chair, via Zoom), Ken Moellman (guest, LNC Vice-Chair, via Zoom).

- Meeting called to order at 17:00 EDT. Took an 11 minute recess. Started up at 17:11 EDT.

  1. Approval of agenda

    1. Mary Pat asked that we add Ken Moellman to the agenda

    2. Will 1st, Mary Pat 2nd to pass the agenda as amended. Passed 10-0-0.

  2. Introduction of guests/new members

    1. Joe Bishop-Henchman (via Zoom)

    2. Ken Moellman (via Zoom)

    3. Aaron Mobley

    4. Amy LePore

  3. Remarks from Mr. Bishop Henchman

    1. In Providence, RI, working on the last ballot access state, joined us via Zoom.

    2. Shared his connections to Delaware

    3. Very easy to access (chair@lp.org), wants to be involved.

  4. Remarks from Mr. Ken Moellman

    1. Can be contacted at vicechair@lp.org

    2. His background is in IT., so he made a point of sharing how important IT. and data are.

      1. He wants to help our state grow by focusing on our IT. and data needs.

      2. Bill Hinds asked if there were any processes or procedures concerning standard documentation processes and e-mail retention etc. of Ken.

        1. Discussion had on this. This is something state parties would create ourselves. Currently, there is nothing the LNC offers. Ken explained that the LNC use to offer an e-mail service; the service is backed up, but there is no archiving or retention done with it. The LNC needs to figure out what they will do with it, as lp.org’s e-mail has migrated to Gmail.

          1. Bill asked this concerning continuity of leadership within the state party and the three county parties.

          2. Ken said that the LNC can help the LPD and the three county parties to set up an e-mail system that can be passed on to new board members as they step into the roles.

  5. Reading and approval of minutes from previous meeting

    1. Motion to waive the reading of the minutes, Mary Pat 1st, Jimmy 2nd. Passed 9-0-1

    2. Motion to approve the minutes, Mary Pat 1st, Nadine 2nd. Passed 9-0-1.

  6. Treasurer’s Report (as of 8/30/20)

    1. PayPal: $3198.32

    2. Cash: $5.00

    3. Bank: $2207.85

    4. Total: $5411.17

  7. NCC Report

    1. Not much to report. We started up the 2nd Thursday Social/Libertarian Drinking and Debating Society again, so it is up and running and fairly well attended. Most events have been canceled due to COVID-19, so not much there. Keeping a stiff upper lip, waiting for the governor's restrictions to end.

    2. Working on sorting voter registration information to use in the upcoming election.

    3. Dayl talked about the weekly NCCLP board members meeting (via Zoom on Wednesdays at 7pm) and weekly candidate forum (via Zoom on Wednesdays at 8pm)

    4. NCCLP Autumn Picnic on Sept. 19Th , noon to 4pm. Trouble with link due to suppressing gatherings. Fundraiser for NCCLP.

  8. Kent Report

    1. Not a whole lot to report either. Started meeting in person again. Aaron Mobley has joined and is now one of the Kent County Reps (Will being the other). His wife and children will be joining. Jesse McVay has stepped down as a Kent County Rep.

    2. Will switched from running for R.D. 34 to Kent County Clerk. It was a two way race when Will entered it, but a friend of the LPD, Ms. Kimberly Petters, was asked to run by the Delaware GOP, not realizing that Will had switched. Now it is a three-way race.

  9. Sussex Report

    1. Not much to report either. Did start meeting at Grotto Pizza in Seaford again. Apple Scrapple was canceled. Bob Siegler has returned after regaining his health.

  10. SMM Committee Report

    1. John and Will gave a very brief report. We are still getting $10 a month, but haven’t used it.

    2. We have an open forum, but James Ogle of California has abused it a bit, though we haven’t kicked him off, we have given him warnings.

      1. Jimmy 1st, Mary Pat 2nd to authorize restriction of Mr. James Ogle’s post on the state website to be approved by an admin. Passed 9-0-1.

    3. Recess for 5 seconds to fix Zoom and computer speaker and microphone issues.

  11. Data and Tech Committee

    1. The LPD technically (pun intended) does not have a Data and Tech Committee (D&TC), as Will has been taking care of LPD’s data and tech issues. Will went ahead to restrict Mr. James Ogle’s post to having to being approved by an administrator (these include the entire LPD state board, the entire Social Media and Marketing Committee (SMM) and former LPD chair Mr. Scott Gesty) for the state website.

    2. Dayl and Bill shared about the NCCLP Data and Tech Committee as well.

    3. Motion to accept all reports, Jimmy 1st, Mary Pat 2nd. Passed 10-0-0.

  12. Old Business

    1. Voter Outreach: September 1726/1795 (+69)

      1. NCCo: 1030/1071 (+41)

      2. KCCo: 330/344 (+14)

      3. SusCo: 366/380 (+14)

    2. Some of this growth is thanks to Dr. Jo Jorgensen’s and Mr. Spike Cohen’s presidential/VP campaign.

    3. Beer Settlement

      1. Sean didn’t have cash on him, he’ll visit one of the NCCLP meetings to pay the beer money to NCCLP for the most newest member this quarters.

    4. Municipal Elections (31): Disregard the number “31”, as we only have two coming up for the rest of the year are as follows:

      1. Dagsboro (File by 14 Nov)

      2. Delmar (File by 25 September)

      3. Vern has been appointed to the town council of Bethel. His election is in Feb. 2021. Vern will be running again.

    5. 2021 Convention

      1. Tentative Date

        1. Will have two LPD state board quarterly meetings before our next state convention (2020 Q4 and 2021 Q1).

        2. Sean asked what people thought about doing a multiple day convention instead of the standard one day affair. The reason for this would be to invite speakers and have workshops (see below). Maybe one day for party business and another day for workshops and speakers. Mary Pat said that she thinks we need to do it for 2022 because it is an election year but not 2021. Dayl chimed in to share that if we did a multi-day convention in 2021 we could work out the bugs for 2022. Will then said we should have a workshop to teach people about the LPD voter registration app and then use it to call Libertarians to ask them if they are coming to the state convention tomorrow. Will also warned that we need to think about our venue, as the playhouse where we are currently meeting might not be able to meet our needs. Will also brought up concerns that of a chicken-and-egg nature were we want to have workshops and speakers to attract people to come to the state convention, but our last state convention was not all that well attended (mostly due to the start of Delaware state restrictions for COVID-19). Mary Pat shared that the donations we received during the last state convention didn’t come near covering the food we ordered. We don’t have people per-register, but we may want to start doing that. Bill shared that we may want to have a lunch “opt-in” on workshop day. Dayl relayed that our Region 5 Reps. To the Libertarian National Convention (LNC), Ms. Susan Hogarth and Mr. David Valente would like to come to our next annual convention. LNC Chair, Mr. Joe Bishop-Henchman has also expressed interest in attending. Therefore, if these LNC stars come and are willing to speak, that may encourage Libertarians in Delaware to come to the state convention as we’ll have an attractive program for people to view and interact with. Will shared that we may want to start nominating candidates in off year elections to give candidates more of an opportunity to start early. We would need to look into the legal ramifications of doing that. It was generally agreed that holding the convention later in the year 2021 (late summer, early fall) that we may not have to deal with COVID-19 issues.

          1. Dayl asked about hotels near the Kent County Patchwork Playhouse, where we meet, and both Will and Mary Pat gave some examples of hotels nearby: Homes to Go, Microtel, Galaxy Inn, and The Mainstay.

        3. Sean summed up what we had discussed concerning tentative dates for the LPD state convention and maybe consider a “day and a half convention” (workshops on a Friday night, party business and speakers all day on Saturday).

        4. Will started discussion on leadership changes in the LPD and county parties since 2021 is an odd-numbered year and we usually have our leadership elections in odd-numbered years. Discussion had on this. Sean is looking to step down as LPD chair due to looking to move back home to Oregon, Dayl will stay as state secretary, and Brad will stay as vice-chair. This lead into discussion on who would go for LPD chair, with previous discussions shared about either Will, Bill, or Dayl doing it. Dayl shared that he doesn’t think he is ready. Dayl opined that he thought Will had the experience and the temperament (most of the time) to lead the LPD. Bill shared that he doesn’t think he is ready for LPD chair. Instead, Bill shared that since Nadine is looking to step down as NCCLP chair, that he would like to try being NCCLP chair before trying for LPD chair. Dayl said that after being NCCLP secretary for four years and LPD secretary for two years that he would like to step down as NCCLP secretary and focus on being LPD secretary. He is willing to step down altogether or maybe try for NCCLP vice-chair. Dayl suggested that Amy LePore take over NCCLP secretary and she thanked him for the compliment. Will is willing (pun not intended) to be LPD chair.

        5. Sean then brought up credentialing for a multi-day convention.

      2. Workshops

        1. Learning how to use the LPD voter registration app and putting that knowledge to work right away in contacting Libertarians to come join us at the state convention.

      3. Speakers

    6. Candidate Guide Status – NDA has been drafted and reviewed by Mr. Proctor. Resources including LPD App access need to be granted to candidates

      1. John left at 18:27 EDT.

      2. Vern left at 18:31 EDT.

      3. Will 1st, Dayl 2nd to adopt the NDA with the caveat that a line be added to add the e-mail address used to sign up for the app. Passed 8-0-0-2.

    7. National Convention recap.

      1. Convention met in 2 sittings: May – to – completely online and July 9th to 12th both in person in Orlando, FL and online.

      2. We only got through a few bylaws changes and only one platform plank change, which failed (Plank 1.5, Abortion).

      3. There were no reports of anyone getting sick with COVID-19!

  13. New Business:

    1. Ad Hoc Review:

      1. Unanimous vote to approve LPD Statement on COVID-19 response

      2. Mary Pat, Wayne, and Vern nominated as electors in the event Jo wins Delaware

        1. Ken suggested following up with Bob Johnston. Will asked Sean to follow up with the Commissioner Of Elections.

      3. Vern Proctor appointed to Bethel Town Council

      4. Amy LePore selected to be JoCo campaign coordinator

      5. Will McVay nominated for Kent Co. Clerk

      6. Long discussion had on who can pay for what items concerning the JoCo campaign.

      7. Motion to compensate Amy up to $100 for Jo/Co business cards with a receipt approved 7-0-2-1

        1. Sean 1st, Dayl 2nd that the LPD pay for Amy LePore’s and Dylan Griffith’s next $32 in beer, as the cost of the business cards cost $32, amended to wine or vodka by Amy. Discussion had and it was found that this motion was moot as the board had already agreed to compensate Amy (see 13.a.vii above) and rules stipulate that it can be done anyway we choose. Therefore, Sean withdrew his motion.

      8. Google translate turns Fechez la vache from “Fetch the cow” to “STFU”

      9. Motion to help fund a booth at the State Fair rendered moot by virtue of a lack of volunteer support.

      10. Jesse McVay resigned his board seat, replaced by Aaron Mobley

      11. Discussion regarding yard signs/4’ x 8’ highway signs

        1. Will 1st, Dayl 2nd up to $250 to a total purchase of $500 for 4’ x 8’ JoCo signs, after the Sussex County meeting, with Kent County already in for $100. Passed 7-0-1-2.

    2. Incorporating the LPD (Dayl)

      1. Will 1st, Nadine 2nd to allow whoever is the current serving Libertarian Party of Delaware (LPD) Chair to accept title to Bob Wilson’s vintage Libertarian vehicle, on behalf of the LPD, should he decide to bequeath it to us. 7-0-1-2.

    3. Jorgensen/Cohen Campaign (Amy/Dayl)

      1. Campaign Update

      2. Bank account/filing considerations

      3. Mary Pat asked that Amy LePore be added as an auxiliary LPD state board member. Amy accepted.

    4. Trello for task management

    5. Next Meeting:

      1. Q4 is always difficult to schedule.

      2. Will 1st, Dayl 2nd to tentatively schedule the meeting on Nov. 8th at noon while seeking to see how John and Vern feel about it. Sean will not allow this motion until John and Vern are reached.

    6. Mary Pat made a motion, Will 2nd, to reimburse up to $200 with receipts for each of the 8 candidates running in a Delaware election. Passed 7-0-1-2.

    7. Will 1st to add to the SMM Comm. A position to add the webmaster permanently. Mary Pat 2nd. Passed 7-0-1-2

  14. Dayl 1st, Will 2nd to adjourn. Passed 7-0-1-2. Adjourned at 20:06 EDT.