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LPD Q4 November 2020 Meeting Minutes


LPD 2020 Q4 Meeting Minutes

November 8th, 2020

Dover, DE

Attendance: Sean, Brad, Dayl, Mary Pat, Nadine, Bill, Will, Aaron, Jimmy, Vern (late, by Zoom),

  1. Meeting called to order at 12:00 EST. Brief recess as we wait for people to show up and get settled, get pizza, drinks, etc.

  2. Approval of agenda

    1. Mary Pat asked that item 4d be amended from $300 to $100. The change was made.

    2. Will 1st, Nadine 2nd to approve the minutes. Passed 7-0-1.

  3. Reading and approval of minutes from previous meeting

    1. Mary Pat 1st, Aaron 2nd to waive the reading of the minutes. Passed 6-0-2.

    2. Will 1st, Mary Pat 2nd to approve the minutes. Passed 7-0-1.

  4. Treasurer’s Report

    1. Paypal: $3497.82

    2. Bank: $1962.86

    3. Total: $5460.68

    4. $100 in from each county

    5. $500 out for the Jorgensen campaign

    6. No reimbursement requested from State/Local candidates

    7. Vern joined the meeting at 12:14 EST.

  5. NCC Report

    1. Doing 2nd Thursday Socials in person again.

    2. Now meeting at Crabby Dick’s.

    3. Adopt-a-Hwy next weekend.

  6. Kent Report

    1. Aaron Mobley was elected to be vice-chair of the Kent County Libertarian Party (KCLP).

    2. Dr. Irene Mavrakakis, a volunteer from the Delaware for Jorgensen/Cohen, has joined the KCLP.

    3. Will looking to get KCLP members to run for school board or other municipal elections.

  7. Sussex Report

    1. Not much going on for outward activities.

      1. Letter submitted to DelDOT concerning COVID-19 restrictions.

  8. SMM Committee Report

    1. No ads run. Balance is $285.00 in SMM account.

  9. Data and Tech Committee

    1. James Ogle still restricted to approval for posts. Another poster, Ms. Babs Inglese kept posting videos of President Trump rallies with no discussion to the point of spamming, so she was restricted as well.

    2. LP Delaware Voter Registration app issues brought up.

    3. Funds from the LPD going towards the hosting for the LPD voter registration app brought up. No action taken as of yet.

    4. Adoption of Trello for State Board task management

      1. Discussion had on what Trello is, how it helped during the Jorgensen/Cohen campaign, and how it can help the LPD.

      2. Sean charged Will, Bill, Amy, and Dayl to look into the issues and questions brought up during this meeting before adopting it.

    5. Will 1st, Nadine 2nd to adopt all of the committee reports. Passed 8-0-1.

  10. Old Business

    1. Voter Outreach: September 1795/1977 (+182)

      1. NCCo: 1071/1170 (+99)

      2. KCCo: 344/373 (+29)

      3. SusCo: 380/434 (+54)

    2. Beer Settlement

      1. Sean owes $40 to NCCLP for beer settlement ($20 for this quarter and $20 for last quarter)

    3. 2021 Municipal Elections

      1. New Castle County

        1. Bellefonte (Not Listed/Election in Jun)

        2. Delaware City (5 Mar Council/19 Feb Mayor)

        3. Elsmere (1 Feb)

        4. Middletown (29 Jan)

        5. New Castle (26 Feb)

        6. Newport (5 Mar)

        7. Odessa (5 Mar)

        8. Townsend (1 Apr)

      2. Kent County

        1. Bowers (25 Jun)

        2. Camden (29 Jan)

        3. Cheswold (1 Mar)

        4. Clayton (6 Apr)

        5. Dover (12 Feb)

        6. Farmington (26 Feb)

        7. Felton (9 Feb)

        8. Frederica (29 Jan)

        9. Harrington (6 Apr)

        10. Hartly (Not Listed in/Election in Apr)

        11. Houston (27 Feb)

        12. Leipsic (Not Listed/Election in Mar)

        13. Little Creek (1 Mar)

        14. Magnolia (Prior to Nov Town Meeting)

        15. Milford (23 Feb)

        16. Smyrna (Prior to 2nd Mar town meeting)

        17. Viola (Not Listed/Election in Mar)

        18. Woodside (26 Feb)

        19. Wyoming (29 Jan)

      3. Sussex County

        1. Bethany Beach (23 Jul)

        2. Bethel (Not Listed/Election in Feb)

        3. Blades (5 Mar)

        4. Bridgeville (Not Listed/Election in Mar)

        5. Dagsboro (12 Nov)

        6. Dewey Beach (18 Aug)

        7. Ellendale (23 Dec 2020)

        8. Fenwick Island (16 Jun)

        9. Frankford (Not Listed/Election in Feb)

        10. Georgetown (23 Apr)

        11. Greenwood (28 Dec 2020)

        12. Henlopen Acres (9 Jul)

        13. Laurel (18 Feb)

        14. Lewes (1 Apr)

        15. Millsboro (28 May)

        16. Millville (5 Feb)

        17. Milton (5 Feb)

        18. Ocean View (Election not listed in Charter)

        19. Rehoboth Beach (31 Jul)

        20. Seaford (26 Feb)

        21. Selbyville (10 Feb)

        22. Slaughter Beach (Friday prior to annual meeting)

        23. South Bethany (14 Apr)

        24. School Boards (5 Mar)

      4. Amy LePore left at 12:58 EST.

      5. Will suggested adding the dates of municipal election filing deadlines, city/town council meeting dates, school board meetings, etc. on the state website Google calendar.

    4. 2021 Convention

      1. Tentative Date

        1. The Kent County Patchwork Playhouse has not released their schedule yet, so we need to wait until that happens before setting a specific date. We are looking at April/May.

      2. We are looking into extending the convention to 1.5 to 2 days, but we would need to set up events for the extra time.

      3. Workshops

        1. Who can we invite to speak and what would they speak on?

      4. Speakers

        1. Potential Speakers

          1. LNC Chair Joe Bishop-Henchmen

          2. Alex Merced

          3. LNC At-Large Valerie Sarwark

          4. Larry Sharp

          5. Spike Cohen

          6. Jo Jorgensen

      5. Discussion had on who should win the William Morris Award.

        1. It was agreed that Dayl Thomas should be the recipient for the 2021 William Morris Award for his work on setting up video conference interviews with everyone running for the LP presidential nomination and most of the people running for the LP vice-presidential nomination, for being the campaign manager for the Jorgensen/Cohen campaign, for running for Wilmington City Council District 7, etc.

        2. Dayl asked that Amy LePore be a dual recipient with him, as she did a ton of work as the campaign coordinator on the Jorgensen/Cohen campaign. The LPD board felt that Dayl should get the William Morris Award for himself and will look into something to show the LPD board’s appreciation of Amy LePore’s work.

  11. New Business:

    1. Ad Hoc Review:

      1. Motion to replace Dayl’s extension cord (Passed 7-0-1-2)

      2. Jo Jorgensen visit 1 October

      3. Spike Cohen visit 7 October

      4. County Affiliates donated $100 ea/LPD $200 for a $500 total to Jo/Co

        1. Discussion had on signs gone missing and the need to collect them before they are all taken by DelDOT or others.

      5. Delaware first place in National Fundraising

      6. Issues with Surveying Candidates

      7. Issues w/ National updating Delaware candidates

      8. Valerie Sarwark available for support from National

        1. She will reach out to us on a quarterly basis, but we can r

      9. Motion to endorse non-L/Write-In candidates where there are no ballot L’s (Passed 6-1-1-2)

      10. Motion to spend up to $50 condolence to CoE Office (Passed 7-2-0-1)

        1. Sean will buy a card. Mary Pat will give a stamp to Sean, as the LPD has a lot of stamps.

    2. Election Results:

      1. Jo/Co: 4,979/0.99% (-9778/-2.36%)

      2. Frost: 5,221/1.07% (+1311/-0.02%)

      3. Rogers: 3,793/0.78% (-2643/-0.77%)

      4. Machurek: 3,251/0.66% (-1,326/-0.43%)

      5. Gesty: 186/1.52% (+32/-0.12%)

      6. Merlino: 227/1.69 (-784/-10.44%) *2 way 2018/3 way 2020

      7. Hinds: 225/1.76% (-999/-12.91%) *2 way 2018/3 way 2020

      8. Thomas: 188/6.59%

      9. McVay: 1,513/1.8%

      10. 46 Unchallenged State/County Offices

        1. We need to run people in these races!

        2. Will suggested to try and get people at county and state wide elections so more people in the state can vote for Libertarians.

        3. Early voting starts in 2021.

    3. Rank the Vote Endorsement (Dayl)

      1. Dayl 1st, Will 2nd to endorse Rank the Vote Delaware (RTVDE) in trying to get ranked choice voting passed in the state of Delaware.

        1. Nadine Will 1st, Jimmy 2nd to table this until the three county parties vote on resolutions to support it. Passed 8-0-1-1

    4. Next Meeting:

      1. Tentative meeting date of January 24th at 12:30 EST for our 2021 Q1 LPD state board meeting.

  12. Mary Pat 1st, Nadine 2nd to adjourn. Passed 7-0-1-2. Adjourned at 14:29 EST.