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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

2018/Q1 State Board Meeting Minutes [DRAFT]

These minutes are a DRAFT.  They have not yet been accepted or approved by the State Board.  This will happen at the 2018/Q2 meeting.

Published Agenda

  1. Reading and Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes
  2. Treasurer's Report
  3. County Reports
  4. Old Business:
    1. ABC Update
  5. New Business:
    1. AoA
    2. Convention Planning
    3. Bill Morris Award
  6. Adjourn


Sean Goward, Brad Thomas, Mary Pat McVay, Will McVay; Nadine Frost, Bob Wilson; Dominic Morrell, Jesse McVay; Wendy Jones, Bob Sigler.  Quorum is present.


Meeting called to order at 13:15, February 10th, 2018.

Agenda adopted.

Reading of minutes waived, accepted by voice vote.

Treasurer reports $2109.31 @ Dover FCU, $1293.29 @ Paypal, $3402.60 Total.

NCC reports outreach efforts proceeding, good and productive meetings, new and recurring faces in attendance.

Kent reports consistent if low attendance, short official meetings, free beer, and that Dominic is in charge of outreach or we're cutting his pay.

Sussex reports reduced attendance due to weather.

County reports accepted by voice vote.

Brief recess.

Executive session to discuss ABC issues.

Four amendments to AoA adopted.

Convention planning finalized.

Bill Morris award recipient selected.


A number of issues have been handled by the State Board in ad-hoc discussions via email and Facebook threads.
  • A Social Media and Marketing Committee has been formed with a monthly budget and John Machurek as an at-large member.
  • Use of a $10 credit from Facebook was approved for boosting a post from the LPD page.
  • Funds were allocated to attend the Delaware Outdoor Expo.
  • Funds were not allocated to attend "What Women Want" event due to cost and lack of response to FB event.
  • Upon the recommendation of the Kent County LPD, Will McVay was nominated for 34th District Representative, or alternatively sanctioned to party crash into either major party primary for that office.
  • Allocated funds to register lpdelaware.org and renew annually.

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