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Friday, March 11, 2022

2022 LPD Convention

Following a motion of the LPD State Board, the 2022 Convention has been scheduled for March 12th, 2022 at the Kent County Theater Guild.  We will begin at noon with a complementary lunch, donations are requested. We have invited an exciting lineup of guest speakers to present on local and national topics of interest to Delaware Libertarians whose presentations will begin at 1p. Our convention will call to order at 4p for party business including statewide candidate nominations and the selection of delegates for the 2022 LP Convention in Sparks, Nevada in May.  The Facebook event can be found here.

Guest Speakers:

Chase Oliver, LPGA US Senate Candidate (1:00 - 1:10)
Tony D’Orazio, Candidate for LNC Chair (1:15 - 1:25)
Steve Scheetz, Former LPPA Chair (1:30 - 1:40)
Kevin Gaughan, Former LPPA Executive Director, LDF Chair (1:45 - 1:55)
Vern Proctor, Town Councilperson, Bethel, DE (2:00 - 2:15)
Heather Pope, Compassion and Choices Organizer (2:20 - 2:35)
Rachel Gregorie, WFP Legislative Director (2:40 - 2:55)
Mitch Denham, President of Delaware Gun Rights (3:00 - 3:15)
Adam Windett, Director of DCAN (3:20 - 3:35)
Will McVay, LPD State Chair (3:40 - 3:50)

Proposed Agenda:

Lunch - 12:00p
Speakers - 1:00p
Call to Order - 4:00p
Credentialing - 4:00p
Agenda - 4:10p
Minutes - 4:15p
Nominations - 4:20p
Delegates - 4:40p
Adjourn - 5:00p

2021 LPD Convention Minutes

2021 LPD Convention Minutes

  • Convened on June 5, 2021
  • Credentialed Attendees from Initial Credentials Report:
  1. Brad Thomas,                State Chair, New Castle County;
  2. Bill Hinds,                Vice Chair, New Castle County;
  3. Mary Pat McVay,        Treasurer, Kent County;
  4. Dayl Thomas,                Secretary, New Castle County;
  5. Nadine Frost,                New Castle Chair/State Board Rep;
  6. Will McVay,                Kent Chair/State Board Rep;
  7. Jimmy Brittingham,        Sussex Chair/State Board Rep;
  8. John Machurek,                New Castle State Board Rep;
  9. Vern Proctor,                Sussex State Board Rep;
  10. Joseph DiPasquale,        Sussex County;
  11. Chris Cimo,                Sussex County;
  12. Robert Sigler,                Sussex County;
  13. Wendy Jones,                Sussex County;
  14. Irene Mavrakakis,        Kent County;
  15. Justin Brant,                Kent County;
  16. Benjamin Garrett,        Kent County;
  17. Brandi Kerchevall,        Kent County;
  18. Tim Spong,                Kent County;
  19. Aarika Nelson,                Kent County;
  20. Wayne Norczyk,        New Castle County;
  21. Carol Moore,                New Castle County;
  22. Dylan Griffith,                New Castle County;
  23. Regan Temple,                New Castle County;
  24. Amy LePore,                New Castle County;
  25. Keith Debarbaris,        New Castle County;
  26. Francis Stephey,        New Castle County;
  27. Kathleen Debarbaris,        New Castle County;
  28. Ashton Hill,                New Castle County;
  29. Carter Hill,                New Castle County;
  30. Prakash Sheshadri,        New Castle County;
  31. Mark Parks,                New Castle County;
  32. Scott Gesty,                New Castle County;
  33. Chris Vellrath,                New Castle County;
  • Other Guests: Spike Cohen, Tasha Cohen, Susan Hogarth, Barbara Howe, Dan Fishman, Angela McArdle, Adam Windett
  • Call to Order at ~1.00p
  • Introduction of LPD Officers and Guests
  • Adoption of Credentials Report
  • Point of Order that Delegates should vote on Credentials
  • Not Well Taken: LPD AoA overrule RONR
  • Moved and seconded, approved
  • Motion to Adopt Agenda
  • Moved and seconded
  • Motion to Amend to Move the AoA Amendment regarding membership to the front
  • Moved and seconded
  • Amendment carries
  • Amended agenda adopted
  • Amending Credentials Report
  1. Krista Graham,                New Castle County;
  2. Ryan Bunting,                New Castle County;
  3. Trisha Gadola,                New Castle County;
  4. Ian Gronau,                Kent County;
  • Motion and Second to Approve Credentials Amendment
  • Amendment carries
  • Spike and Tasha Cohen, as well as Yuko and Kisuki Thomas arrived
  • Introduce AoA Amendment to allow National LP Membership to qualify for LPD Membership
  • Motion and Second to adopt AoA Amendment
  • Motion and Second to amend to limit National LP Members to Delaware residents
  • Motion carries
  • Amended motion Carries
  • Amending Credentials Report
  1. Dave Casey,                New Castle County;
  2. Julia McVay,                Kent County;
  • Motion and Second to Approve Credentials Amendment
  • Motion to Amend Amendment to Remove Julia McVay
  • Point of Order that Motions to Invalidate Membership Rights aren’t in Order
  • Well Taken, Amendment Withdrawn
  • Amendment carries
  • Motion to add member failing to meet requisite seasoning requirement
  • Withdrawn
  • Motion and Second to Waive the Reading of 2020 LPD Convention Minutes
  • Motion carries
  • Motion and Second to Approve 2020 LPD Convention Minutes
  • Motion carries
  • Treasurer Report:
  • PO Box: $120
  • Domain $12
  • App: $360
  • Bill Morris Award: $20
  • SMM: $120
  • Donations: $150/month
  • Convention: $3155.76
  • Candidate Support: $493
  • PayPal: $333.28
  • DFCU-Convention: $260.78
  • DFCU-General: $3209.62
  • 2020 Year in Review
  • Recess to Spike Cohen
  • Recess
  • Return to Order
  • Legislative Updates
  • Bill Morris Award: Dayl Thomas
  • Nominate Mark Parks for SD8
  • Motion carries
  • Amending Credentials Report
  1. Brian Clements,                Kent County;
  2. Reese Smith                New Castle County;
  • Motion and Second to Approve Credentials Amendment
  • Motion and second to close credentialing
  • Nominate Nadine Frost for US Senate
  • Nomination of Reece “Leo” Smith
  • Motion fails
  • Nomination and Second of Bill Hinds for State Chair
  • Motion and Second to Close State Chair nominations
  • Motion carries
  • 38 votes received:
  • Bill Hinds: 34 - Winner
  • NOTA: 1
  • Reece Smith: 1
  • Grogu: 1
  • Will McVay: 1
  • Nomination and Second of Nadine Frost for Vice Chair
  • Nomination and Second of Amy LePore for Vice Chair
  • Motion and Second to Close Vice Chair nominations
  • Motion carries
  • 38 votes received:
  • Nadine Frost: 14
  • Amy LePore: 24 - Winner
  • Nomination and Second of Dayl Thomas for Secretary
  • Motion and Second to Close Secretary nominations
  • 38 votes received:
  • Dayl Thomas: 37
  • Dave Casey: 1
  • Nomination and Second of Mary Pat McVay for Treasurer
  • Nomination and Second of Carter Hill for Treasurer
  • Motion and Second to Close Treasurer nominations
  • 39 vote received:
  • Mary Pat McVay: 22 - Winner
  • Carter Hill: 17
  • Recess for County Conventions
  • Return to Order
  • Motion and Second to Contest the Kent County Elections because an individual outside of the county was not allowed to vote in those elections, and two absent members were not allowed to vote.
  • Point of Order that the motion is dilatory and out of order and isn’t a thing
  • Well taken
  • Motion and Second to appeal the ruling of the Chair
  • Venue announced dinner is getting cold
  • Recessed to Dinner
  • Motion and Second to Adjourn
  • Motion carries

Email a Republican Representative

Yesterday evening, following the vote on HB305 to legalize cannabis in Delaware which failed to pass the House by two votes, the State Chair of the LPD spoke for several minutes to a Republican Representative, who had joined every other member of the Republican Caucus in refusing to vote for HB305, about how that vote and the vote of every other Republican in the Delaware House was a vote in favor of gun control.
It turns out that politicians do not always know the laws they write very well.  Of course the laws of the State of Delaware are voluminous, and no one could be expected to remember them all, but it does seem prudent to study up on a Bill and the Statutes it modifies before the vote rather than after it.

In any case, below is the email that was sent to summarize the connection between the Delaware House Republicans' refusal to support cannabis legalization and their support for gun control.

Thank you for taking the time to discuss Delaware's gun laws with me yesterday.

As we discussed, cannabis prohibition, especially in the way that HB305 repeals it, is a large and real gun control threat that is actively and presently imposing the very nightmare scenario many gun rights supporters believe lies at the bottom of the slippery slope for every piecemeal new infringement.  Police in Delaware are seizing guns from peaceful citizens.

The place to start is in  11 Del. C. § 1448(c) where the crime of possession of a deadly weapon by a person prohibited is defined as a Class F felony, and then in § 1448(a)(1) where anyone convicted of any felony is automatically a person prohibited.  Where we get into this mess is in 11 Del. C. § 1448(a)(9).  In this paragraph, it makes you a person prohibited if you are in violation of 16 Del. C. § 4763 or, crucially, § 4764This provision specifically relates to the possession of "marijuana", even when it is in a small enough quantity to only be a civil violation without the constructive possession of a firearm.

However in Section 2 of HB305, these provisions are modified.  The modifications would remove possession of personal use quantities of cannabis and the private use of cannabis from the list of elements that would satisfy a charge under § 4764.  It does not remove the section entirely and still allows for non-personal use quantities to be a qualifying offense to be ensnared in person prohibited laws.  As I mentioned to you yesterday, HB276 would address this problem for medical patients by adding specific exemptions to the Title 11 language, but that will not affect the rest of the population.

So as I said to you yesterday, by voting against HB305, the entire House Republican Caucus has just voted to retain a draconian gun control restriction that the Democrats were offering to repeal.  You voted for gun control.

Will McVay,
State Chair,

Monday, March 7, 2022

Ranked Choice Voting

At the most recent State Board meeting of the LPD, a resolution was adopted unanimously in support of Ranked Choice Voting and the efforts of Rank The Vote Delaware:

Friday, March 4, 2022

Monday, February 21, 2022

Resolution in Support of HB 305

Echoing the Sussex County Libertarian Party of Delaware, the resolution passed at their February 2022 meeting was unanimously endorsed by the State Board of the Libertarian Party of Delaware at their Q1 meeting on Saturday, advocating for the speedy passage of HB 305 to legalize cannabis in Delaware:

Saturday, February 19, 2022

2022 Q1 LPD State Board Minutes

These are the DRAFT minutes of the 2021 Q4 State Board meeting.  Additional pages are included in the link.

Monday, February 14, 2022

The Libertarian National Party

The following resolution was adopted by the State Board in response to the Judicial Committee rulings announced on February 13th:

Sunday, January 30, 2022

The "Libertarian" Party of New Hampshire

The following resolution was adopted by the LPD State Board in reference to the recently endorsed statewide candidates of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire:

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

On HB305: Cannabis Legalization

Public Comments from the Chair on HB305 before the Delaware House Health & Human Development Committee:
Good Afternoon.  My name is Will McVay, and I'm the State Chair of the Libertarian Party of Delaware.

I first want to thank the Committee Members for their swift consideration of this revised bill.
Efforts have been made over the course of at least the last three sessions of the General Assembly including this one to pass legislation to legalize cannabis.  Every day this important legislation is delayed is another day that non violent individuals especially in disadvantaged communities continue to be persecuted for cannabis possession and use.  Prior legislation claiming to "decriminalize" cannabis has done nothing of the sort as arrests and illegal markets continue and proliferate.

The broader War on Drugs and in particular the prohibition of cannabis has been a failure from the start, and few issues constitute such a crucial nexus where so many societal problems can be resolved or at least improved by correcting one mistake.

The Libertarian Party of Delaware has supported an end to cannabis prohibition since our inception.  We believe that all people have the right to self ownership and bodily autonomy, and that any harm caused by cannabis use is limited to the individual freely choosing to use it.  For this reason alone cannabis should not be prohibited by law.  The financial cost of cannabis prohibition is a drain on taxpayer resources instead of a boon to economic growth in our state.  The impact on Delaware communities, particularly communities already struggling against historical challenges, of arrests, incarceration, and fines is more actively harmful than cannabis itself.  The impact on our constitutionally guaranteed civil rights, again disproportionately suffered by historically disadvantaged communities, whether it's the abuse of protections against unreasonable search and seizure or the confiscation of property without due process through civil asset forfeiture, cannot be dismissed.

Members of this committee have raise the issue of safety and the damaging effects of cannabis use.  It cannot be overemphasized that any harms caused by cannabis use are dwarfed by the damaging effects of cannabis prohibition.  Cannabis is being used anyway.  Any safety issues or damaging effects are endemic even under prohibition.  By ending the criminal and "civil" penalties for cannabis, the harms that exist can be addressed more effectively without stigma and the negative externalities associated not with cannabis itself, but with the illegal market for it, will be greatly curtailed.  Delaware Public Health is worried about the higher cost of medicinal licenses will divert investment to the casual use market, LOWER the fees for medicinal, don't raise them for anyone.

Please endorse this bill with your full support and please pass this legislation quickly.  Time is of the essence and the injustice is real and ongoing.

Thank you.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

On SB172: "Constitutional Carry" in Delaware

Comments from the Chair on SB172 before the Delaware Senate Judiciary Committee:

My name is Will McVay, State Chair for the Libertarian Party of Delaware.

I'm here today to speak in favor of SB172. The Libertarian Party of Delaware supports every individual's right to self defense while also recognizing that many people do not wish to openly carry firearms or other weapons in public due to the stigma attached and out of respect for the intimidation others may feel knowing they are armed. Widespread concealed carry of weapons provides an additional deterrent to criminals who cannot know if their intended victim might be armed vs open carry.

The requirements in Delaware Law for the concealed carry of so-called deadly weapons present an obstacle to widespread concealed carry and the penalties for failing to meet those requirements are steep.

I myself was arrested and charged with a felony several years ago for allegedly carrying a concealed deadly weapon due to an extensible police baton that had rolled under the seat of my car, which i kept due to my job at the time delivering food for Wings To Go in Newark following several robberies of my coworkers. The charge was dismissed, but not everyone is as privileged as I am and instead suffer much more dire consequences for exercising their right to self defense.

Please release this bill with a favorable recommendation and pass it into law.

Thank you.