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News & Updates

SB60: Expanding Access to Medicinal Cannabis

The State Board has approved and released the following resolution in support of SB 60.

In accordance with our recent endorsement of HB150 legalizing cannabis in the State of Delaware, the Libertarian Party of Delaware also offers its support to the passage of SB60 by the Delaware House of Representatives and for its prompt signature by Governor Carney.  This bill unanimously passed the Delaware Senate on March 23rd and was released by the House Health & Human Development Committee on March 31st, and it now awaits a vote by the House.  We call on Speaker of the House Representative Pete Schwartzkopf to schedule this bill for a vote and for all Representatives to support it.

April 2021 Newsletter

 News and Events

State Board Update - Legislative Resolutions, Membership Questions, Endorsements, Reimbursements
2021 LPD Convention Weekend - Liberty Runs, Liberty Speaks, 2021 LPD State Convention.  Featuring Spike Cohen, LNC Chair Joe Bishop-Henchman, Angela McArdle, and more.
Interview with a Delaware Libertarian - Scott Gesty, candidate for the Brandywine School Board.
April 2021 Legislative Roundup - Weed is looking good.  Guns are looking bad.
2021 Q2 AoA Committee Report - The LPD AoA Committee released a report including 15 items.  Additional items are under consideration for notification prior to the 2021 Convention.
Adopt a Highway - The New Castle County LPD Adopt-a-Highway cleanup is scheduled for April 10th. The Sussex County LPD Adopt-a-Highway cleanup is scheduled for April 24th.
School Board Elections - Scott Gesty is running in the Brandywine School District.  Election Day is May 11th.


The New Castle County LPD is hosting its first Adopt-a-Highway cleanup event for 2021 on April 10th.  Meet up at noon in the parking lot of The Shoppes at Red Lion, 100 Jestan Blvd in New Castle.

The Sussex County LPD is hosting its first Adopt-a-Highway cleanup event for 2021 on April 24th.  Meet up with Sussex County Chair Jimmy Brittingham on the 24th at 8.30a in the Weis Market parking lot on the end nearest Rt 24.  Equipment will be provided.  In case of rain, the rain date is May 1st.

2021 LPD Convention Weekend

We are planning a number of events beginning June 4th through our convention on June 5th.  As we've announced, the lovely Tasha Cohen and her spouse Spike, who was also our VP nominee in 2020, will be in attendance at our convention on June 5th.  Tasha's spouse will be our keynote speaker between elections for party officers and votes on amendments to the Articles of Association.  The location of the convention is still pending a decision from the State Board after our usual venue was unable to commit to our date due to the unpredictable nature of Governor Carney's COVID restrictions, but we are looking strongly at the Pizzadili Winery in Felton and raising money to cover the expenses associated with that venue.  Thanks to your generous contributions, we have covered all of the travel expenses to get Spike and Tasha to Delaware, but without access to our usual free venue, the convention costs will place an additional burden on the party's resources that we've been able to avoid in recent years.  Please send your donations using the link, the button on this site, or by sending them directly from your PayPal account to lpdtreasurer@gmail.com.

In addition to the convention on June 5th, thanks to the work of Irene Mavrakakis and the other members of the LPD 2021 Convention Committee, we are planning a "Liberty Runs" 5k event on Friday, June 4th at the Pizzadili Winery as well as a "Liberty Speaks" festival later that evening.  We have confirmed that Spike will be speaking June 4th as well, along with LNC Chair Joe Bishop-Henchman and 2022 LNC Chair Candidate Angela McArdle, currently the Chair of the LA County LP in California.  Also look forward to presentations from Adam Windett of the Delaware Cannabis Advocacy Network and Mitch Denham of the Delaware Gun Rights organization.  Food will be available for purchase and we are currently soliciting sponsors and information vendors to donate or purchase a table space for June 4th.  Please contact Irene if you are interested.

March 2021 Legislative Roundup

The primary purpose of the Legislative Roundup is to inform party members and readers of pending legislation before the Delaware General Assembly, educate them about the legislative process in Delaware, and provide general information about Libertarian stances and beliefs based on the national platform and prior actions of the Libertarian Party of Delaware State Board.  Unless explicitly stated, the Libertarian Party of Delaware and its State Board takes no position on any pending legislation described below.

Interview with a Delaware Libertarian - Scott Gesty

Scott Gesty is a member of the New Castle County Libertarian Party of Delaware.  He is currently a candidate for the Brandywine School Board, with Election Day for this race coming up on May 11th.  The questions for this interview are below in bold with Scott's answers in italics.

April 2021 State Board Update

The State Board's votes can all be viewed on our Google Group.  The April Update includes the following votes over the month of March.  The Q2 meeting is scheduled for May 2nd.  All of these votes were conducted ad-hoc.  Most of them were on the LPD Discord Server.

School Board Elections

Former LPD State Chair Scott Gesty has filed for the Brandywine School District race.  He has been endorsed unanimously by the LPD State Board.  The election is being held on May 11th, and he is looking for volunteers to assist with lit drops and working the polls on the 11th.  Please reach out to him if you are interested in helping out.  There is also a channel set aside on the LPD Discord Server to coordinate volunteer efforts to assist his campaign.

School Board elections take place across the state on May 11th, and are typically very low turnout races where a surge of Libertarians could make a huge difference.  Many of the decisions regarding remote vs in-person learning have been deferred by the Governor to local school boards, so these elections could have important consequences for those eager to see a return to normalcy after the Governor's prolonged unilateral declarations of a "State of Emergency".  Make sure you are informed about the candidates running in your local district and turnout to vote on May 11th!